Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Santa

My seven year old's Dear Santa letter.... she doesn't want much does she??

She tells me she narrowed it down to 22 items.....

This is a letter I received from my 9 year old.....

I had to laugh. This adorable bird was also made by Kiana. Isn't he fabulous?? I am going to make the image into greeting cards... I just love it so much. It is finger print paint art.

And this is an adorable little girl all made from ribbon scraps by my amazing 7 year old Reese! Love it too. Kid art is the best!!

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Heidi - what's in a name? said...

love the kids artwork! my girls both want a nintendo DS for Christmas too! the snow in your previous post is incredible! we are in Ohio for T-day and there is just enough snow that the girls made pretty big snowman! I will have to post a picture when we get back to Chicago! Take care!
:) Heidi