Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stolen Moments

I snuck out to the flea market on my lunch today. It is kind of bittersweet because it is closing December 31 and everything is 10-50% off. There are so many great deals to be had. I am going to miss that place like nobody's business. But anyways, here's the treasures....

Very old vintage children's blocks. I am drawn to these. Not sure why. Out of 12 blocks I was actually able to spell... JEN! See? It was just fate.
Adorable bottle brush trees... which is another of my addictions. These ones have the neatest stands... they are like little wooden handles almost. (That cute baby in the foreground is my mom... and the cute baby in the background is my 7 year old, Reese)

And.. as you know I adore vintage glass bead garlands.... this one has the largest beads... they are like the size of grapes! This stopped me in my tracks.... and check out the cute box it came in! Double lucky!

And...again, another of my Christmas collections is these little vintage cardboard houses.... they are starting to become expensive. Well.... I got this huge church and a bunch of little ones for a song. They are so sweet......

See them up there on top of my treasure jars?

I know your all laughing at me....... love my Christmas treasures...... but tell me where am I going to shop after December 31?????


Celestial Charms said...

Once your local flea market sadly closes, there is always Ebay! 24-7 for those of us with shopping addictions.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alisa said...

Love the bottle brush trees! Those are becoming an obsession with me too.

Julie Collings said...

i knew you were a kindred spirit, i have the same little happy christmas
tiny houses, glass garland, bottle brush anything, and sweet little toys worn by tiny hands.
will the flea market start up again next summer or are you out of luck?
have a lovely day, julie