Thursday, June 4, 2009


Robin tagged me. Hmmmmm... 6 things you might not know about me.
I love vintage children's books and I try and hoard them away from my kids. Bad mommy.

I want another baby. Is 4 too many? Is 38 too old? Am I too crazy?
I have a fascination with Paris.... always wanted to go..... hubby doesn't. I need a travelling partner. Hard to go to Paris with 4 babies.

My husband and I recently bought a cottage up in Kilarney, Ontario. I haven't seen in yet. Crazy again.

I love everything Pam Garrison makes.

Sometimes I miss the city.

Won't you play along too?


Robin said...

If it's what you want....4 aren't too many and 38 isn't too old.
And I too would love to see Paris one day and my husband isn't interested in anywhere outside the states. We could go together and take Rhonda with us and meet up with Marie so we don't get lost and sure to see everything worth seeing. :-)

Have a beautiful day.

orange sugar home said...

great post!! I want another baby too. I have 3 as well and could go on!! If your husband agrees to it I'd go for it! 4 is not too many -they are such little miracles. It is crazy you bought a cottage without seeing it but it is something I would do too. your site is wonderful. Looking forward to checking in often...