Thursday, April 23, 2009

May Basket Swap from Suz

Suz just spoiled me rotten! You won't believe your eyes! This is one of the beautiful silk peonies which decorates my basket.... the color is amazing and they are super gorgeous. The basket itself is total eye candy....

Here it is before I opened it.... I could hardly wait to get it open!

The basket is a soft pink and Suz wrapped this brilliant ribbon around the handle that matches the pink peonies... (which are my favorite flower in the whole wide world)

Here is all her sweet offerings laid out for the eyes to absorb! So many many pretty things....

Sweet little baby tags to satisfy my baby addiction....

Incredible candy colored glass buttons, delicious soy candles, millinery and the cutest little birdie napkins I have ever seen! Too cute to use!

The most amazing ribbons all in my favorite colors... and a beautiful hankie swag so lovingly sewn with all their adorable crocheted trims and decorations....

Check out these sticker borders - I have never seen anything like them. Love their muted colors and old world design... totally up my alley! Sweet spring themed ribbons... I cannot wait to dive into them!

This incredible china mug along with coffee of course... my favorite.... and sweet vintage millinery... always a hit in my house.... and so much more, and more, and more!

And my absolute most favorite item of all was this vintage baby emphemera. It has completely stolen my heart. I have never seen anything so sweet.

Suz, you have spoiled me beyond belief and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Suz, unfortunately, does not have a blog site to share... (yet!) because I know it would show you all how sweet, kind, and stylish she is. Thank you Suz for making this a most wonderful swap. xxoo Jenn


Lori said...

Jenn, what a delicious basket of must have had so much fun unpacking all of those delights!!!

Suz said...

I am so thrilled you liked it.I had so much fun making seemed to make itself.
I have more to say but I am in South Dakota running a retreat and need to sleep. Thanks so much for taking the pictures. Just makes me really happy!
Big hugs,

Caleen said...

You sure got some beautiful things in your swap basket. Love the colors. I love swaps. Mostly I appreciate the friendships I gain.
Love all your fun things. I am sure
you will enjoy creating with them.

Heidi said...

what lovely things! lucky you!

Anonymous said...