Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok, I guess I can admit it to you... I've been out treasure hunting again....

I generally buy cheap cigar boxes to contain my little goodies.... check out this one! It surprised me because usually I see them made from cardboard, but this one is made from metal.... This is the top of it....I love the design.... it says Our Future King - the Prince of Wales...

And then you open it... .and this is on the inside!

The colors are so vivid and bright.... I really like it. Some more buttons... and mother of pearl buckles which look so pretty with a bright ribbon strung through them....

And a gigantic vintage book with this fabulous cover.... mmmm...... just love all those swirls... I have to run my fingers over it each time I look at it.... all that yummy texture! This would make a great journal if I can bring myself to alter it.

I also particpated in an ATC swap and here is a little sneak peak.... theme was polka dots.

Talk to you again soon!


Lori said...

that metal cigar box is really cool!!! love your mother of pearl goodies too!!!

Caleen said...

I love the metal cigar box. I collect them too for projects but, I don't think I would touch that one. Beautiful just as it is.. Love the cover of the book too.

Suz said...

Now I will know you when we swap! That is really a great card! I actually had mine half done and misplaced them, of all things, in this massive clean-up effort going on around here.So early tomorrow, I begin again. It is fun, isn't it?
Love the metal cigar box. I have never seen anything like that before. And I adore mop buckles. Just got a few. The book looks really beautiful. I am dying to see the estate sales in the paper this week. I have been a mad hunting women lately!!!
Hope all is well!
Hugs from Suz