Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Addiction Counsellor Needed

Ok - I am seriously addicted to these. I admit I am a bit (ok... ALOT) of a Christmas girl. I love it. ALOT. Yeah, sorry, I said that already. But these little vintage glass beads make me so happy. I love them in this jar... beside my computer. I love them in art work.... but I never want to use them. I just like to look at them.
My next problem is I pick up things that I plan to sell on my etsy site but then I fall in love with them and I can't sell them. Its crazy! Like I don't have enough "stuff" already! I think I need to re-learn the concept of sharing! This button for instance..... and this amazing metal buckle... (I finally caved and listed this one while secretly hoping that I might end up keeping it for myself!)

And these earring and necklace set... that I will probably never wear... but they are so pretty. The beads are really heavy and shiny..... See? See? I need an addiction counsellor and quick!

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Alisa said...

Girl, don't we all! You're not alone! LOL