Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saying goodbye to Summer

Where I am, on this little planet of ours, (Canada) it feels like fall. The leaves are beginning to turn, the pumpkins are getting orange on their vines, and there is a definate chill in the air. Not that I mind.... I love fall..... but it is so hard to say goodbye to summer. I think that is why I have been attracted to soft pastel colors, sea shells, and shimmery jewels these last few weeks.... maybe, in some way, I am trying to avoid the inevitable, and enjoy those warm summer days for a few moments more.....
I wanted to take a second to acknowledge and thank my friend Alisa . We have never met and yet each day she takes the time to visit me and share her thoughts. She is always encouraging, and positive, creative and interesting. Thank you Alisa for taking time from your life to be a part of mine! Thank you for reaching out to a perfect stranger and nuturing a blogging friendship.
Take a trip over to Alisa's blog, as I know you will enjoy meeting her as much as I have.


Alisa said...

You always make me tear up! But in a good way! :) Thank you... you are too sweet!

If you miss summer, come visit me. Summer will continue on here until the end of October! Whew... I'm sweatin' just thinking about it.

Nancy said...

Hi Jenn...

Thank-you so much for visiting my blog. Nice to "see" a new face!

I grew up in Ontario...Windsor to be exact. My sister lives just outside of London. My parents had a summer home on the water just outside of Kingsville/Leamington for 47 years...they just sold it last summer. Sad to see it go...but we have lots of fond memories. My parents now reside in Kingsville on the golf course...Dad loves his 87, he still plays 3 days a week!

Okay, enough about me...

I, too will miss in Calgary, the season is so short. I don't know about you...but I'm thinking summer should last about 6 months!

Talk again soon.
Hugs, Nancy

kelly said...

I just love the seashell arrangement. Is it a wreath? I'm sad that summer is on it's way out too. I always get a little melancholy when I see the mountains start to change color here. And then I get into fall and the holidays after awhile. Have a lovely weekend.

Sarah said...

How sweet! I read Alisa's blog too. I'm so behind on my blog reading this past month. I feel SO OUT OF THE LOOP with whats been going with my "imaginary" friends! ha! Love this sea shell pin.
Vintage Lily