Monday, August 18, 2008

Camping surprise

Hubby took the two girls up north camping.... Kilarney. It is Northern Ontario, near Sudbury... about a 7 hour drive from where we live. Beautiful, rocky terrain. Lovely. Me and the boy stayed home to bond. My oldest daughter is a true to life tom boy. She'll pick up a toad, frog, snake... you name it. Well, you can imagine my concern when hubby called to tell me my daughter had found a rattlesnake. Yep.... see the rattle?? Thank god she didn't pick it up... because normally she would. She's only 9.... I didn't think she would know the difference between this and the garder snakes that live around our house. But she did..... they were at least 3 hours from a decent hospital.

I'm glad I stayed home. Camping smamping.


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Have a good week

what's in a name? said...

whoa! I will have to show this picture to my girls, who also go camping with their Dad! Thanks for your nice comments on my cards...I am making some progress for the S&S swap. I may post peek pictures on flickr, then again, I may just post about it and let you choose between 3 different versions of the same???

Alisa said...

I would still be wigging out over that one!

Caleen said...

I HATE SNAKES!! I am glad she is o.k.
My kids love to camp, not my favorite thing. I got burn-out because we did it a lot when I was young. My husband is good to take them though. Glad all worked out. I just Hate snakes.

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Oh wow!!! Quite the photos! I hope that is a zoom lense and not a real close-up!