Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost letters

I was thrilled to receive in the mail tonight 3 packages of old love letters that I purchased from May I just say that I adore them. I haven't even read them yet, and I adore them. The 1944 postmarkings, the old stamps, the handwriting. I often wonder how such sweet sentimental things can be given up for sale but I suppose that as time marches forward - memories are lost and people are forgotten. I can hardly wait for a stolen moment to take a glimpse into these aging envelopes. I thought this little notebook that I made recently went along beautifully with their patina. Thank you Citrus Faire!

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Cassondra W. said...

Love what you did with the little notebook on top! Hope you enjoy reading them, the couple that I went through were so sweet, I thought it was so sad that someone had gotten rid of their letters too. So glad they found a new home! Thanks! Cassondra