Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Artistic Mother Art Group - backgrounds

I finally received my "Artistic Mother" in the mail. I know I am behind in the group... so I got going! Here are some of my background pages. It was fun playing in paints like this.... felt like kindergarten all over again and it wasn't long before all three kids were painting along with me which is really what this is all about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rock Glen

On Sunday, we gathered up the kids and went to Thedford, they have the greatest little antique shop there... check out this cool toboggan we picked up. My husband is 6 foot 1.... so you can see how tall this thing is. Cannot wait to try it out! Guess that will have to wait until next year....not much snow left now. They didn't want to go at first but they quickly warmed up to the idea.....

Rock Glen is a popular tourist attraction, but this time of year it is desserted. So peaceful and quiet... we had the place to ourselves.

The waterfall is lovely.

I have always loved the sound of water. Its very nourishing.

Kirk and I.....we were looking a little impatient..... it sure took her a LONG time to take this photo! But it is nice to actually have a picture of us. Usually its just pictures of the kids!

Although the place was quiet and serene... there were signs that people had been there before us.

And signs of spring.....

Watch out for the mud monsters though!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stratford Ontario

The girls and I left the boys at home on Friday and headed up to Stratford, Ontario. This place just makes me happy. It was a beautiful warm spring day to end our week of freedom that was March Break.
The architecture makes me swoon. I wish they made buildings like this now a days....

I can only image how sweet it would be to live here... and peer out this pretty window ... can you see those sweet pink geraniums blooming on that window sill?

The street-scape goes on and on like this...... oh, so pretty.....

This lovely lady sits atop a pretty water fountain.... there wasn't any water yet....

These true words are engraved on the bottom of the fountain. They ring very true for me.

In the warmer months these lion heads will shoot water from their mouths....

A war memorial which made the girls stop and think for a moment...

And of course.....

Cuz... you know I wouldn't love it if it didn't have antiques.

And then there is the churches.....

Thanks for the hospitality Stratford. We had a great time and we'll be back again soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Artisitc Creations with Trudy


I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my new book.... The Artisitic Mother. Check out the blog link above as Trudy is forming a new art group which I think is just going to be so much fun. We will work along together through the book, sharing our projects on our blogs or Flickr. If you haven't been for a visit with Trudy yet...... you should go!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Roses with Love

Hope your Valentine's Day was as lovely as mine! xo J

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remains of the Day

I joined up for Mary Ann Moss' online workshop "Remains of the Day" and I absolutely had the time of my life. It was SO much fun. The idea is to use up all of your scraps and use your sewing machine to put them all together to make pages for a journal.This is my cover.... And my many many pages

It truly was so much fun. I loved her freestyle and you can make no mistakes attitude. Fun fun fun!
Now I am busy filling the pages with journalling and photos.
If you are considering trying this online tutorial I would highly highly recommend it.